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Welcome to Hand Reared Cage and Hand Reared Exotic Birds Lisburn County Antrim. Rosa Bourke

At first glance the bourke appears to be somewhat drab. On closer inspection the beautiful colours of these birds becomes evident with many shades of pinks, blues, creams and browns.
I would highly recommend these birds for the beginner to aviculture, having an extremely quiet nature they can be housed in the company of other birds such as finches, other members of the neophema and Polytelis families, doves and quail. Being relatively easy to keep and breed they are readily available and inexpensive. The only thing that can be a disrupting factor to the tranquility of an aviary housing a mixed collection is that these birds are most active at dawn and dusk, they can at times be heard flying and calling late into the evening.
Rosa Bourke
These would be one of the prettiest. The colour can vary from a deep & rich salmon pink with a clear pink crown and almost white cheeks to a dirty washed out pink with a dark brown crown and face. In the clear crowned bird the rump is pink and the primary and secondary flight feathers remaining as normal while in the dark crowned bird the rump can vary from shades of blue to green with the secondary flight feathers showing more cream and even touches of blue and green.
Sexing of the dark crowned bird is relatively simple as the hen tends to show less intensity in the pink and more dark colouring on the head and face.
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