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Welcome to Hand Reared Cage and Hand Reared Exotic Birds Lisburn County Antrim. Senegal Parrot

The Senegal Parrot
Standing at only 10 inches high the Senegal Parrot hails originally from West Africa and is one of the most attractive of the African parrots. When reared by hand these birds really do make a wonderful, colourful and cheerful little pet. The head and throat are dark grey, while the rest of the upper surfaces are bright green. The lower breast and abdomen are yellow orange. They have silver bills with black tips; black legs.
Sexing the Senegal is made only slighter easier than its near relatives, on close examination of the bills, the males tend to have heavier bills than the female.
Suitable Housing

Although the Senegal is a hardy aviary bird it should have substantial shelter for use during the coldest months or extremes of weather. A suitable flight area should also be available. The aviary should be constructed using metal framework and chain-link or welded mesh netting.

The Senegal is a reluctant breeder and very few successes have been recorded whilst in captivity. A strong nest-box should be made available. If, and when, they decide to mate only two eggs will be laid.

The Senegal Parrot thrives on a diet of mixed seeds making it relatively easy to feed. Green food and fruit can also be offered. Grit should always be available as should a fresh, clean supply of water.
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